About me

My Name is Kálmán Fábián, I was born in 1981 in Budapest, Hungary. I am a furniture and wooden object restorer. I have been living in Norway since 2007. Already as a child I knew that my work would involve something manual. I have always been mesmerised upon entering a workshop or an atelier and this feeling has been with me ever since. I am a lucky person because my profession is also my hobby: I collect graphics, antique objects and special tools and these help me improve my knowledge and skills. I firmly believe in the importance of culture, learning and passing on our heritage to the next generation. It is a beautiful process, one that is nigh impossible to tell, when an object worn out with age or almost ruined is restored to its original glory, shining as a witness to history and days gone by – and I am honoured to be part of this magical process. I have been doing my job with this feeling and dedication for 16 years, because this is the attitude I acquired in my schools and learned from my masters.