Welcome to Fabian Mobel Restaurering

We are glad to welcome you in our workshop. This is the place where we can help you save and restore your favourite objects. Antique furniture connects you with the past and the traditions that even the modern man strives for. Along with many countries in the modern world, Scandinavia also adopted high-tech standards in architecture. It is precisely in this magically modern environment where pieces of antique furniture come to life, but only if they highlight their original values. We specialise in restoring the full beauty of damaged or worn out furniture treasured in the family throughout generations or acquired recently, while completely preserving its originality. If you wish to have stylish, sophisticated harmonies in your home, you have come to the right place: you are putting your home’s most precious items into the hands of an expert with great experience and artistic sense.


During the process of conservation no major intervention isperformed, the object’s condition is specified, protection and maintenance work is done. Other important tasks include reinforcing the object’s structure and stopping the impairment process – in practice these usually mean disinfecting, gluing, restoring stability and cleaning.


Restoration is the re-establishing of the original condition. It is recommended not to change the style of an antique object or piece of furniture. Aesthetic and structural details must be handled authentically, staying true to the original concept. The restorer is to be knowledgeable about the historical period, the style of the given piece of furniture and its value. When restoring furniture, the number one concern is to preserve as much of its original material as possible. Unfortunately many restorers are proud to follow the concept of ‘turning old into new’ and by doing so they break the rules of restoration ethics. All in all: the goal of restoration is conservation, restoring the object and retaining its informative value for future generations.